Top-rated multichannel eCommerce software solutions

multichannel eCommerce software solutions

Multichannel selling is not something new. Businesses have been selling on different sales channels for many years, but the emergence of the Internet has changed everything. Namely, business owners today are able to sell their products and services on multiple channels without much effort. But, if you want to reap these benefits then you will have to find the best multichannel eCommerce platform. Our team has spent some time analyzing the top-rated multichannel eCommerce software solutions used by thousands of people. Here’s what they have found out.


Shopify is one of those multichannel eCommerce platforms that don’t need a special introduction. This software solution has been present in the eCommerce market for many years. Yet, the features and options found in this software solution are changing all the time because the guys from Shopify are always following and implementing the latest trends in this industry. Setting up an eCommerce website with Shopify is easy. The same goes for website management, but the most important part is that Shopify is excellent for multichannel selling. This is a solution that guarantees smooth and effective integrations with eBay, Amazon and a few reputable social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. What’s good to know is that Shopify also provides POS functionality.


BigCommerce is right behind Shopify when it comes to the number of users and popularity in general. This is an eCommerce platform that has excellent multichannel functionality. In addition to the amazing marketing tools and SEO features, users will also get multichannel sales tools too. So, as a BigCommerce user, you can expect integration with eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and a few other channels. If you are interested in shipping features, you will have to use a third-party service like ShipperHQ or Shipping Easy.


This is the only software solution on this list which is free to use. The history of WooCommerce is not very long, but what’s interesting is that it was designed as a plugin. Today, it has grown into an effective multichannel eCommerce platform. When it comes to the multichannel part, we should mention that this platform requires the use of applications. In other words, these are not built-in multichannel features. For some users, this may be an advantage because the apps let you customize your online store in any way you want.  All in all, this is a great, easy-to-use platform for small businesses.

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